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  • netdog
    Aug 25, 12:04 PM
    Why would updated mac minis be such a high security product. Its nothing revolutionary so why would apple want so much security on the shipping of them? Im hoping for something BIG

    Now you're talking. I want my iFon

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  • RaceTripper
    Jan 10, 04:16 PM
    The RS's are very nice i used to have a Mk 1 RS the limited edition blue one they did 4500 cars of.

    The ST's are not much different still have the 2.5 Turbo 5 cylinder engine but only 225bhp. I'm looking at the Mountune Kit with takes it to 260bhp for �1200.

    But the new one is to much money �28,000 you can buy much nicer cars with that sort of money.

    MattI have to agree. I probably wouldn't buy one myself, even if I could. But I'd love to drive one just try it out. As it is I think my JCW was too much, but it's a hell of a fun car to drive, and very fast around a circuit.

    Americans mostly don't get the allure of a rallye type car. Ovals and 1/4 mile are about as sophisticated as we can manage. :p

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 23, 10:46 AM
    Not just wrong but probably illegal in several countries.

    My own country belgium for example its illegal to store such data without consent of the person itself.

    No iPhones in Belgium?

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  • Blasphemic
    Jan 6, 07:32 AM
    Still the same car but got some new pictures: Opel Corsa 1.4 Swing from 1997, worth about nothing but it means alot to me :)
    First 2 are outside the building where i live, and yes i know she could really need a wash but that wont be done untill they have time to do it at work (i work at a Car rental company)
    The inside could really use a good cleaning aswell
    And she has quite a few Km on the clock.

    And here is what i drive when im at work (i dont clean the cars, im the guy standing behind the counter saying sir to people)
    First one is a Porsche Cayenne
    Jaguar XF (i didnt take this picture)
    And theres all the Audis and Mercs =)

    i posted the links aswell since i cant get it to post the actual pictures :(
    why dont picasa/flick let me link to the the picture >_<

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 5, 08:29 AM
    Well something is happening since the store is down that should be good newz for at least today !!!! we should see some upgrade of a kind, probably the mini with some shiny new MBP C2D !!!

    GO APPLE !!! :D :) ;)

    I'll say let's see a mac mini refresh since this thread is about the mac mini (but what I really want is the MBP C2D as well. Here's hoping :D )

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  • PsstGreek
    Mar 1, 05:07 PM

    My set up.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 23, 12:17 AM
    Not this easy.

    It's not so much about finding people at any moment, but knowing where they've been. And this file makes it dirt simple to find that out.

    A guy in your terrorist cell claims he's not FBI, because he's never been to Washington DC. Even his phone contacts are all people nowhere near there. Yet what if his cache list says otherwise. He's probably dead.

    By now, you also know that I always speak from personal experience when possible.

    I was Military Intelligence and NSA in the heart of the Cold War. I did undercover field work at times. This kind of easy info is both priceless and dangerous. I've seen field officers compromised in almost every way imaginable. My scenarios are not stretches by any means.

    Sorry, I just don't buy it. Isolated examples dependent upon a very rare set of circumstances that the average user won't encounter. I *do* believe your experience, you're very well versed when it comes to tech and no doubt well-treavelled, but this is just too much of a stretch. Yes, it's possible. But it's also possible to gain the same information in much more common and easier ways, instead of the super-spy scenario. I'm not sure how your terrorist cell example applies to anything relevant (or dangerous) for the average, everyday person.

    I'm pretty sure your average FBI agent's iPhone (assuming they carry around iPhones) that has been cleared for use (and very likely modified) by the FBI can be stripped right down forensically and will have revealed absolutely nothing.

    The average user who is *not* a secret agent really has nothing to be in up in arms about, provided they haven't just knocked off a bank or killed someone.

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  • swarmster
    Sep 14, 08:57 AM
    This story gets buried in the blog and a story of ninja stars makes page one? No Apple bias here. :rolleyes:

    Consumer Reports says "we still think the same thing" for the third time and that's first page news? Sounds more like they're fishing for free publicity.

    Anyway, when a reviewing organization "doesn't recommend" what I consider the best phone I've ever owned, it sounds more like I shouldn't bother paying attention to that reviewing organization. Their taste just isn't relevant to mine.

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  • UnreaL
    Sep 7, 06:44 AM
    Well I ordered the new lower model Mac Mini, this will be my first Mac (and its not even for me! For sister..)

    1) CPU being Core Duo not really a problem, sims & firefox etc are not going to strain it!
    2) 512mb memory is a let down, but im not waiting or paying the amount extra for 1GB as again she wont use it.
    3) No superdrive is a let down, I would have spent the amount extra to upgrade if it was there, but I'm not buying the model with better GPU and slightly bigger harddrive and anyway she doesnt use DVD's.

    Basically Bootcamp caused me to convert, without it I would have kept her on PC

    Well we'll have to see.

    Got it for �360 from the Apple higher education store, cant wait :D

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 13, 06:15 PM
    congrats to whiterabbit for 13 million points!

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  • tedrjr03
    Feb 6, 09:52 AM

    New pickup. 2002 Subaru WRX

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  • elppa
    Jan 11, 04:56 PM

    Maybe the �Air� branding is taking a que from the sucess of one of Apple's international partners, O2.

    It's certainly something different from the obvious nano/mini/thin branding that people are expecting.

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  • kiljoy616
    Sep 14, 10:59 AM
    When will it stop??

    When Iphone 5 comes out, :rolleyes: .

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  • nioh
    Oct 24, 12:57 AM
    Here it is! 8 hours early!


    you forgot the new and improved hd-screen :D

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  • milo
    Nov 16, 10:45 AM
    31% is a little disappointing for 2x the number of cores.

    But you're missing the fact that the 8 cores are at a slower clock speed. If you compare 4 versus 8 at the same clock, you're looking at a respectable 47% improvement.

    I almost NEVER use handbrake from an optical DVD. That makes no sense to me. Why would you do that? :confused:

    To rip DVD's. Why add additional, unnecessary steps?

    Apple REALLY needs to get apps like quicktime and iTunes to run on any number of cores. Even if they don't use multiple cores on a single file, it should be a piece of cake to get them to process multiple files at once. If I want to convert eight files, it should just run each conversion at once on a separate core - it's the equivalent of running eight copies of the app (which shouldn't be necessary).

    I'd love to see them run Logic Pro - it supports four cores finally, and I'd like to know if they just upped it to four or if it goes beyond that.

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  • Yakuza
    Nov 24, 09:21 AM
    Even more awesome is that's the brainchild of Dan Akroyd.

    ahh now i understand it.

    i went like, whaatt!? brainchild of Dan Akroyd? lolol.

    with a little help of google, i read the story :p

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Aug 7, 03:23 AM
    Those sound like very reasonable expectations to me, but Apple specializes in the unexpected! :cool:

    hdmi monitors? i'm not completely savy in the technology but if they begin to use standards such as Blu-ray will dvi stand up

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  • logandzwon
    Sep 14, 02:01 PM iPhone 4 still gets the best reception of any phone I've ever owned, regardless of how I hold it or whether or not it has a case on it...

    same here

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  • Will_reed
    Jul 14, 09:11 AM
    I don't care if it's only a BTO option but having this would be awsome.
    Could be a great way to view your 1080p blu-ray movies especially on the cinema display. Or you could burn your 1080p trailers directly off and watch them on your hd-dvd player. And what about home movies
    How many consumer HD video editors come with computers a blu-ray option would be a really cool adition to idvd.

    Aug 16, 07:35 AM

    give me an iphone pda type device with that deflatable mouse that can slide into a slot when not needed and gestures :confused: :D

    Apr 19, 11:15 AM
    the 27 imac is a beast!!!!!
    God I wish I had the money to get it.

    Mar 22, 12:46 PM
    If I understand correctly, the Windows Marketplace doesn't even allow sex/nudity in their app store, so they should be forced to do so?

    No, no one is forced to do anything. Apple is more extreme with what they will and will not allow. Others follow suit b/c they know Apple changes the world. Android market allows practically everything.

    Apr 26, 04:03 PM
    trademarking app store. How pompous. What's next, trademarking computer store, book store, pet store? LOL.

    Well, last saturday I went to a shopping centre, and they had two computer stores, at least three book stores, a pet store, and exactly zero app stores. Have you ever, ever in your life gone to an app store? You know anyone who works as a sales assistant in an app store? Any app stores offering jobs?

    Apr 16, 09:41 PM
    While I know how to drive a car with a manual shifter, here's a BIG problem nowadays: the quality of the shifter has really gone downhill in recent years.

    Unless you're driving a BMW, Honda or Porsche, gear shifters on modern cars either are too "notchy" or overly-vague in terms of finding a gear, and the result is not very pleasant, especially in city driving.

    Besides, automatics and dual-clutch gearboxes--thanks to modern computer controls--have gotten really good in recent years. This is especially true with automatics that sport six to eight forward gears, which allows for a lot smoother automatic shifts between gears during acceleration. I've test-driven a 2011 US-market Hyundai Elantra saloon with Hyundai's own six-speed automatic and note how smooth the shifts are even during hard acceleration.

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